Thursday, January 30, 2014


Much larger than they appear

Now, for technicality's sake the above is a world map, slightly compressed from it's original incarnation upon my laptop. This is world map of a story that may or may not ever come to pass, as opposed to mere backstory for sake of backstory.

Regardless, the areas of the world are thus.

The large, triangular landmass in the southwest corner is known as the Stand, and is generally very dry steppeland, as the western mountains prevent bountiful storm clouds from watering the earth. Southward, by the rivers and coastlines are some temperate forests, thick and untamed by humanity. Very far south are frozen wastes leading  to the frozen-over oceans.

The broken collection of subcontinents to the far west is Fosburg, although the inhabitants prefer to refer to them as the Cards—Hearts, Clubs, Skulls, Rings, Spades, and Diamonds, respectively. Being so close to the equator they are generally hot, but the woodlands and undergrowth are cooled by forcing the Stand to cycle the moist air. The great cities of Verdegris and Patina are here.

The large scattered span of chain isles, archipelagos, and islands are called Crosscurrents; this is partially from the tropical air run up from the Stand, and partially from the somewhat turbulent ocean currents and underground boulders. It is mostly used as a more inhabited route across the world, though rife with brigands and pirate-traders.

The northmost subcontinent has been empty of all sapient life for many years, due to a very unpleasant plague that had to be kept contained by fire and fear. Now its burned-husk edges are growing green once more, but silence dominates the place. It is called, simply, Ills.

The northeast-most twin subcontinents are the Brothers or Sisters depending on who one asks. They are simply rolling grasslands and hinterlands by the shores full of farmers, with the small island within being rocky and oddly barren. The city-state of Saline is a major power there, managing delicate interactions with smaller cities like Kick, and Just. Saline is a major stop for traders.

The island chain to the far east is collectively known as Kastor, with each island being utterly nameless as per some obscure tradition. Highly mountainous and rather winding on the central island, and surrounded by hundreds of smaller islets. Civilizations set themselves atop cliffs or halfway within caves, and gather the strangely singing fish and outsized crabs that spawn there.

This is a world for one to run a company-style game as put forth by Dungeon of Signs; perhaps as a mercenary group serving one of the various irritable aristocrats in Verdegris, or attempting to take back territory in the Stand for some new political faction. It's all possible.

Art copyrighted by myself, do note.

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