Friday, January 31, 2014

Unexpected Equipment Sets

I like how Dark Souls used inventory to evoke a sense of setting, conveying details within details.

-Thick tapestry armour (light), tinderbox (pyrites), hunting crossbow, ten steel bolts, carved ceramic shiv, tattered black skirts.

-Steel flanged helmet, steel bardiche, stained crimson cloak, steel cuisses and stomach-plate (light), diamond-pattern hose.

-Leather jacket (light), scuffed blue jeans, high-top sneakers, flick knife, preserved fairie corpse, salt-shaker, iron horseshoe, small bell.

-Grey cowl, plucked celestial feathers, dried third eye, bulls-eye lantern, censor with spices, pamphlet of forbidden behaviors, pinfire revolver (five shots).

-Radio-attuned headset, wavelength-specific goggles, jaw-wrap, hand-crank portable generator, leather harness, screwdriver shiv.

-Compromised NBC suit (light), clogged gas mask, sealed glove full of mycoidal spores cultivating on hand, assault rifle (twelve bullets), military rations, cyanide capsule.

-Leather pantaloons, iron stomach-plate (light), loose silk sleeve with a trained serpent inside (D4 Pit Viper, Cobra, Copperhead, Grass Snake), oil-lamp, rope noose.

-Wild boar skins (light), psychotropic fungus clump, antibacterial fungus clump, bone needle and sinew thread, steel hand ax.

-Rabbit mask, crowbar, bottle of celebratory soda, duct tape, photo of someone important.

-Eyes of another (D4 Cat, Goat, Beholder, best friend), Colt 1911 pistol (seven bullets), trenchcoat, wellington boots, handful of small coinage.

-Steel crescent ax, empty notebook, pens and pencils, mother's sweater (light), maglight.

-Whalebone-and-leather corselet (light), embroidered black dress, silk shawl, poison-containing ring, matchlock pistol, five paper cartridges, ceramic-painted cat mask.

-Rusted brass trident, herringbone jacket, ragged trousers, sapient sea star headpiece, wicker cuisses (light).

-Mossy bark chestpiece, cloak of woven rose petals and silver rings (light), brass scimitar, jawbone of a human adult with a 'beard' of human fingerbones, elbow gloves of human skin.

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