Wednesday, February 26, 2014


People do dangerous things. Here are some dangerous things below, as per some kind of list that might tell of how these dangerous things could be used in Tidewaters. Hack all you like.

Do note I do not advocate drug usage outside of fictional situations—the stuff kills.

Narcotics - Benefits, Symptoms, Damages, Addiction
Ywllo Wallpaper Thin strips of dried yellowish fungus. +2 Mind check / 5 rounds Causes paranoid babbling.  -3 Face check / 5 rounds Low. Tolerance can be built over four sessions.
Grin Grass Short, scrubby type of lichen in various shades of purple. +2 Face / 2 rounds Causes a rictus grin when chewed. -1 EP / 3 rounds Low. Tolerance can be built over five sessions.
Anxiety Kicker Extract from a beetle, alternating between clear and crimson +3 Nerves check / session Soothes nerves and slackens reaction. - 3 Motion check / session High. Causes atrophy over time.
Opium Extract from poppy plants; thick milky drip. +2 EP / 3 rounds Reduces pain perception. -2 Body check / 10 rounds High. Requires biweekly taste to hold off withdrawal.
Iocic Toxin Military-grade toxin; colourless, odorless, tastes like pain. +2 Motion check / 5 rounds Tenses all muscles, opens veins for blood. -2 EP / 2 rounds High. Will kill user if done more than twice per session.
Hashish Dried hemp leaves, sometimes coloured and scented. +1 Face check / session Calms the mind down, for a bit. -1 Mind check / session Low. Will impair user’s sense of time.
Steady Headstuff Dried and spiced grey matter from a high-sapient being. +5 Mind check / 2 rounds Amplifies brain with another’s thoughts. -3 Motion check / session Immediate. Requires weekly snuff to hold off withdrawal.

Roll v. Poison every time of use to determine if the user is addicted.

Withdrawal Symptoms
Missed one dose - Listed damage result.
Missed two doses - Listed damage result, -1 Mind check from distraction
Missed three doses - Listed damage result, -2 Mind, -2 Body from distraction and pain
Missed four doses - Listed damage result, -3 Mind, -2 Body from agony

Missed subsequent doses - Listed damage result, penalties to Mind and Body checks decreasing by 1 until the eighth missed dose, where the user is considered to have flushed out their systems.

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