Sunday, February 2, 2014

Now I Wonder Why You Wonder

Rumour, stories, lies, gossip, and truths to be heard tell in the various cities of the world.

-Ywllo Wallpaper and Grin Grass, both imported into Saline at great personal cost to those merchants interested, have grown very near with the recent attacks from Crosscurrents pirates. The more desperate addicts of the narcotics are turning to base imports, like opium.

-The Swallow Blades—a mercenary Company—have recently arrived in Verdegris to gather more recruits and possibly absorb smaller mercenary groups, in a planned expedition into the Cutters for territory.

-A great plague, identical to the one from Ills all those years ago, has cropped up in Crosscurrents villages and emptied out entire islands.

-Speculation from traders suggests shotpowder will increase in price threefold, and begin the fall of the firearms industry.

-The Consul of Verdegris in Mara has been indicted for prostitution and smuggling bodies, and subsequently cut up in the streets by angry families. This is subjective of a report.

-Farmers in the Brothers, or Sisters, have reported that returns in grain are bountiful and uninfected by ergotism, and so are selling wares at more crafty prices.

-The Circle region is rife with researchers heading out into Slow Country to capture specimens for dissection.

-The bars in Patina water their drinks and mix blood into their pies.

-Landed aristocracy outside Saline have been accused of wretched incest and intent to ruin their lineage.

-Annalist for the Greenway Company has returned in rags and cursing her former employers as thieves and liars.

-Sudden silence from Polewaters suggest either abrupt truce of annihilation of the most recent crop of merchants and messengers. Other city-states are planning to respond in kind.

-Suggestion of the Dowager Queen Indrapram to seek a male suitor has resulted in a most grevious offense.

-Purified gold can be found in  the stomachs of Slow Country beasts, explaining why they are so sluggish and heavy.

-Sea salt and camphor can be used to relieve symptoms of poisoning.

-The Cold Rider is in fact a real personage of ancient times, not a mere cultish figure, and their lineage runs strong in one of the Cards, affecting the profiles of the inhabitants.

-Sheep can see into the future and past but never the present, judging by their horizontal pupils.

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