Friday, February 28, 2014

Tidewaters - Crewpeople

"...Had I—or the scientific community at large—been able to acquire more than a cursory and outward set of observations upon our eponymous crew, then might some of the oldest barriers have been circumvented in understanding between the passengers and their servitors. They are mysterious beasts, of huge stature and quiet nature, carnivorous, industrious, and seldom ceasing. I have a friend in one of them, who sometimes tells of how quickly I grow old and withered..."
—Prof. Triadesches Ballett

An intrinsic part of the architecture of the Ship, a constant presence that holds together the inner workingsliterally and figuratively—the Crewpeople are the semi-mechanical population of mindful laborers who were supposedly built or bred for the task. They are said to have roots and memories that reach back to the original launching of the Ship, and know the specifics of what the Captain looks like and is sailing for; if this is true, then none yet have divulged or hinted such secrets. All the populace can claim to have met or worked with a Crewperson, while only a select few can say they have gotten to know one on more than name-basis. Omission of information is their schtick, and the main way they manage to be so unknown, alongside laws against experimentation.

Of old and established personage, with a population just barely reaching one-hundred, the Crewpeople can spend days in routine or regular behavior, seemingly entranced by the mindless action they are required for, and never speak to another being. Nonetheless, when speaking they very much like singular and face-to-face interactions, and can seemingly find solidarity with those who are productive with them. They cannot speak well, cannot hear through heavy helmets, pick up only on the extremes of emotion if not attentive, and seem to have some compelling sense towards being commanded from the Eight High Navigators, or generally anyone in power.
The first jaw inside a Crewperson's helmet.

They are large beings, on average six-and-a-half feet, and very heavy from a mixture of muscle and metal. Bipedal, with odd proportions that have the arms and legs too long, giving them a slinging, rocking gait. Never seen out of their suits, their only claim to biology is behind the portholes in their helmets, which swing out to reveal several sets of fleshy jaws and skinny teeth, each set behind one other. Otherwise, they seem to have no sexual characteristics or inclination to expand their numbers save for when crisis strikes.

Crewperson Factors
- (+1 Mind) or (+1 Motion)
- (+2 Body) or (Skill: Bull Rush)
- (-3 Face) or (-2 v. Charm)

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