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Tidewaters - Equipment

Upon the Ship, there are always equipment to be gotten from salvage, trade, or the small industries and artisans in the furnaces and Tanglefront. Given that populations are quite small, barter is commonplace with small goods, but the Captain has long since put in place a representative currency of credits for those who cannot carry their goods with them, or have items of divisible or vast wealth such as property.

Distinct and purposeful weaponry and armor are generally far more expensive due to a lack of materials, and quite a few simply improvise or modify existing tools for their own benefit.

Light Piecemeal leather-and-cloth; Oilskin overcoat; Wicker armour 

Boiled leather chestpiece; Sealed Utility suit 
HeavyChain-mail hauberk; Mirror-armor; Standard diving gear

Crew Utility suit; High Navigator suit; Plate-mail; Ballistic armour 

Melee Weapons
OnehandedBrass knuckles; Sap; Dagger; Hang-hook
Short BladeDiving knife; Cleaver; Hatchet; Spade; Seax
Long BladeSabre; Bastard sword; Estoc
BluntTruncheon; Piping Wrench; Sledge; Mace
TwohandedWar pick; Short spear; Pole-spear; Halberd

Ranged Weapons
ThrownLight jarids; Sling-and-bolts; Darts; Caltrops
MechanicalFolding crossbow; Siege crossbow; Harpoon gun

For those small jobs to be found aboard the Ship, not adventurous but necessary, a standard set of tools and equipment can be found, from hull-repairs and spreading compost to scrivening and entertainment. So too the populace requires day-to-day gear. The traders' collectives attempt to keep base costs as stable as possible, by way of deals made with the more prominent salvagers and manufacturers, and a constantly-updated common stock in storage. This has not stopped individual artisans from offering specialized goods, such as soap or ink, for competing prices.

Common Gear
Oil lantern Knotted rope Spikes Bound notebook
Fishhook and line Firesteel or Lighter Needle and thread Tin container (Pint)
Prybar Netting Pulley-hook Tin tankard
Sawing-knife Spanner Lockbox Slicing-knife
Spade Powderbox Thick gloves Handcloth
Water pouch Copper flask Roll of paper Mortar and pestle
Storage pouch Linen strips Steel chain Smelling-salts
Stick of chalk Stick of wax Hand mirror Alkali soap
Brass spyglass Stylus / Pen Lead weight Salt crystals

As well, rare trade goods and luxuries that cannot be manufactured have fluxuous prices dependent on quantity and temperament of the traders' collectives. Information on the sciences, arts, histories, architecture, philosophy, and navigation are prized by the Eight High Navigators and their respective retinues, who will personally pay great sums for intact copies of a decent quantity.

Luxuries and Rarities
Dried tobacco leaves Fresh opiates Compressed brain ashes
Silk facecloth Ultraviolet crystal Porcelain mask
Tarnished silver diadem Pearl-set-in-emerald corsage Ceremonial orichalcum sabre
Navigation charts of an unknown sea Illuminated text of epic poetry Anatomic diagram of a Crewperson
Treatise of Platonic Form and Ideal Astrological timepiece Gold-flake infused calligraphy ink
Theories of emotion-manipulation Classification of sapient minds Fractal-pattern tracings
Below would be some general suggestions as to what any given individual on the Ship might be carrying.

Possible Species, Jobs, Equipment Sets
Tool Merchant
Wicker backpack, ceramic shiv (dagger), book of purchases and credit, list of inventory, tallow candles, box of potassium matches, ink-pen.
Portable chemistry outlet (Alembic, retort, phials, calcinator, stand, mortar et pestle, etc), padded pack, steel seax, 
Netting (9x9’), catch-pole, wide-brimmed hat, oilskin overcoat (light), oil-lantern, sawing-knife, days’ rations (dried lichen squares), bronze hatchet. 
Wicker shield, three pouches, two hang-hooks, large canvas sack, days’ rations (roasted tubers), 10’ length of knotted rope, wide-brimmed hat.
Boiler Mantainer
Crewperson utility suit (heavy), rusted piping wrench, canvas bag, minor replacement piping and bolts, sealant gun, days’ rations (tinned beef).
Hand saw, surgeon’s bag (needles, sutures, cotton thread, cleansing ethanol, scalpel, forceps, etc), linen bandages, truncheon, ten cigarettes.
Bronze estoc, steel chain-mail hauberk (heavy), steel pot helmet, glass eyepiece, corsage of service, flask (brandy), caffeine pills.
Pole-spear, 50’ of woven rope, wicker hip-basket, days’ rations (bitter crab meat), woolen blanket, luminous seaweed bundle, spiked knuckles.
Glass eyepiece, rolls of paper and parchment, ink-stylus, ink-pot, stiletto, phial (stonefish venom), days’ rations (salt crackers). 
Rusted iron hammer, thick asbestos gloves, Crewperson utility suit (heavy), water jug, tinderbox (captive ember), tongs, arc cutter.

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