Monday, February 17, 2014

Tidewaters - What Was Pulled In

Jetsam From Today's Salvage

-A bundle of carved jade teeth, corroded with salt.
-Ten cans of pickled peppers with a ragged label titled 'Pipers'.
-A flintlock rifle, missing the flint, covered in tally-marks that seem to resemble letters.
-Petrified corpse of a human, with gold coins secreted in the skull cavity.
-A phial of clear liquid that smells very foul, and induces vomiting when consumed.
-Documents, useless, about some obscure land trade in a distant empire founded on marble-quarries.
-A child, human, female, who can neither speak or properly articulate why she ended up in the ocean.
-Knucklebones, carved into rough dice.
-Large rubber tires, filled with air still.
-A soaked suitcase full of well-preserved formalwear, in silk and embroidery.
-Textbooks on rational numbers, how to calculate them with regard to variables.
-Sticks of coloured chalk.
-A fine cotton trenchcoat filled with little bronze knives and darts.
-Intact windowpane, coloured pale red.
-A steel longsword, pitted with rust but ornately crafted.
-Bilgewitch named Proper, long though to be dead, who claims only a few minutes have passed.
-Avtomat Kalashnikov rifle, year 1974 (?), with eleven brass-case bullets.
-Silicon-based lifeform, reminiscent of a large crab. Irritable and unable to communicate.
-Pneumatic rivet gun, with Crewperson markings.
-Message in a bottle, written in Arabic:  ملوك المد يراقبوننا لا يغفر لهم.
-Solid elemental mercury. Very cold.
-Preserved fingers, of varied species.
-Brass camera obscura and twin rolls of developing-paper.
-Boiled leather cuirass, branded with a sigil of eyes-upon-a-tree.
-Steel I-beams in very good condition.
-A personal dinghy sans oars.

Rumours Heard Aboard
-Recently there have been fields of jellyfish drifting past, leading to several salvager deaths.
-A surgeon by the name of Phrax obtained a Crewperson corpse and dissected it. The notes are somewhere, but the good doctor has gone into hiding to avoid the Crewpeople's mounting wrath.
-A good crop of engineers and laborers are being hired for additions onto the Ship's siding for a larger population.
-Popular cabaret singer, Als Soisant, is currently going through threats from some unknown aggressor, who is being a douche.
-Mushrooms are of a singular mind, which explains why they mostly talk to themselves.
-Ten days from now, the sun will go dark. Some have gathered as much combustible material as possible and camped out near the furnaces already.
-The bilge is limited, and will eventually run dry if too many children are taken out of it.
-A rival house of powerful linage is arising over the generations to contest the House of Ushe. They carry abilities of dust and silence, and go by the surname of Colcis.
-Illegal spice can be bought by the handful from a Bilgewitch with tentacles for facial hair.

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