Monday, March 24, 2014

Five Things

1 - Khafka Pseudovora
    - Roll 1D8 for HP 
    - Needs to eat only once a month
    - 'Bite' attack that inflicts Filth Fever (Save v. Poison)

They take gaudy paints and draw elaborate designs below their noses, all ivory teeth and crimson tongues. It is almost sad.

2 - One With Sparks in Their Knuckles
    - Roll 1D4 for HP
    - (+1 Intelligence)
    - Knows Burning Hands or Flare

They know little, being chased away as children, aside from that which they can touch—and burn.

3 - Heretical Pisikin
    - Roll 1D6 for HP
    - Can make two things
    - Knows Water Breathing

Lost emissaries from the Submost Kingdoms, lugging branches of ceremonial driftwood and smoking pipes of rare tobacco.

4 - Stone Tower King
    - Roll 1D8 for HP, Wisdom
    - Unarmed attack does 1D4 damage
    - 1D6 points of natural armour

Dead heretic pagan gods, made stone and flesh against their will. They weep in the early mornings.

5 - One Who Kisses Spiders
    - Roll 1D6 for HP, Charisma, Strength
    - Knows Speak With Animals (Spiders)
    - (+2 Dex)

Pale-faced and silent, monks of the natural who build shrines to bask in the eight-eyed stares of their children and parents alike.

Do what you will with these things, small as they are.

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