Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tidewaters - Naming Conventions

Small detailing, but possibly very important.

Humans - Has a forename and a surname, sometimes a middle name to distinguish two of the name-named people. Reliance on either Earth-sounding names, or a mash of phonetic pleasantry and wordplay. Puns are acceptable.

(Ex. - Als Soisante,  Taxer Riddling, Cal Trop, Jemar Stanstets, Bron Tideater, Lazarus Laudislav.)

Bilgeborn - Has either a single name with an epithet or title, or just an epithet. Epithets are usually nouns or adjectives, very simple.

(Ex. - Salt, Proper, Omar, Osli, Lisper, Drummer, Sweetling, Kicker, Howler.)

Slinks - Actual names are presented in personalized tattoos and body-scents for explicit tale-telling, but verbal titles are in contrast very vague and impersonal, not always in the first person, and hint at larger implications.

(Ex. - One Who Told Lies, She Sleeps Free And Calm, Has Long Made Peace, Has Long Made War.)

Crewpeople - Do not have proper names, but instead transliterate the number-codes on their utility suits into combinations of letters that make phonetic sense. Three sets of four are the norm, but  phonetic clarity is preferred. None know what the Eight High Navigators are called individually.

(Ex. - Ghyd-Ilhi-Geht, Rast-Els-Telt, Mas-Vant-Ilsi, Goht-In-Elst, Tas-Reem-Chau.)

Mushrooms - Refer to themselves and each other as 'I', exclusively.

Snails - Take after human naming-conventions, but sometimes have pet names when in service. Usually musically-related.

(Ex. - Calliope, Oboe, Sinatra, Nightingale, Opera, Strum.)

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