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Tidewaters - Official Systems

Systems for Tidewaters.

Endurance Points - The ability to avoid damage, be it through resistance or otherwise. Regenerate at a rate of 1 EP per turn of rest.

Wounds - What damage one can take before dying fully. Being reduced to one Wound halves the amount of available EP one can use. Wounds regenerate over roughly one week of medical care.

The five main stats are determined by rolling 2D6—or 3D6 if one is feeling kindly—for each stat. A score of nine or ten is considered normal. If any reach a score of zero a character is effectively considered dead.

Face - Social salience, deftness, showmanship, manipulation, propriety, communication.
Nerves - Composure under stress, ability to react, ability to endure horrors.
Motion - Movements and control of movements, reflexes, reacting, making things.
Body - The use of one's body to an end, carrying, attacking, brute strength or endurance.
Mind - The use of one's mind to an end, remembering details, figuring puzzles, explaining details.

Attacking - A weapon's damage value, modified by either a Body or Motion modifier depending on the weapon itself. For example, smaller hand weapons or polearms use Motion, while larger weapons use Body.

Armour - Comes in two varieties that add to EP while penalizing Motion rolls. Natural armour is considered adapted to a being's form, and thus has no penalty.
Light - (+3 EP / -2 Motion)
Heavy - (+5 EP / -3 Motion)

Resistance - Roll 1D4.
v. Charm - Resisting being compelled, convinced, tricked, or subconsciously affected.
v. Poison - Resisting slow toxins, infections, or diseases.
v. Curse - Resisting debilitating sorceries that drain life-energy.

Saving - Roll a D20. Most normal beings save on a score of 16 or higher.
When saving to evade an attack, add Motion modifier.
When saving to avoid a Charm, Poison, or Curse, add the respective modifier.

Traits - Modifiers of main stats gotten at major events over time. Can be positive or negative, and a character may only have six at any given time that do not cancel one another out.
Skills - Tasks and specific talents of a character. Increases with payment of experience and money for training of said skills—money is quicker, but costlier.

Gear - Equipment that one carries, usually functional. Degrades or depletes over time.
Clothing - Garments that inform on social status and personage.

Resolution mechanics
Task - There is a base value for the task, with a roll lower being failure and a roll higher being success. Circumstantial modifiers take effect.
Chance - There is a value with different numbers corresponding to different results.
Reaction - Out of a value of ten, the involved individuals roll, with the roll closest to ten being the first reaction. A successful Motion roll adds to the result.

What a very concise character sheet looks like.

Name -  Species -  Bdy -  EP - 
Age - Sex -  Min -  Wounds - 
Height - Class - Mot - 
Weight -  Detail - Nrv -  v. Poison - 
Gear Fac -  v. Charm - 
v. Curse - 
Garments Skill - 
Skill - 
Spell- Trait - Skill -
Spell- Trait - Skill -
Spell- Trait - Skill -
Spell- Trait - Skill -

Concept of garments and EP adapted wholesale from Gameswithothers.

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