Thursday, June 16, 2016

Birds Superimposed Over The Moon

Check it out here are some more cool competencies from your favorite horrible people.

The Fuckbird
  1. By reaching your hand up towards the sky, a bird of some local species will land on your hand. It can carry one small object and place it in a location you can clearly describe, but is not necessarily more intelligent or perceptive than a normal bird.
  2. By staring at someone in your direct line-of-sight and rolling your eyes back, you afflict them with a sense of falling from a great height for as many turns as you have Vim.
  3. If you lightly polish any surface, it becomes incredibly shiny, reflective, and attention-grabbing. The surface cannot be larger than roughly the size of your palm, and the effect ends when another person touches it.
  4. You may easily remove an eye and place it anywhere for as many hours as you have Charisma. Your eye being outside of your body does not affect your balance whatsoever, but not replacing it after the time limit is up causes permanent severing.
In exchange for these competencies, The Fuckbird will accept:
Your face,
Someone else's face,
Maps and atlases and stellar maps,
Gliders and hot-air balloons.

It will also send you to define, map out, and reconnoiter known and unknown locales in The Dream, as well as report on patterns you observe.

Goodnight Moon
  1. By passing your palm over your eyes at someone without blinking, you induce one to two seconds of micro-sleep on them.
  2. By looking at someone’s face between a circled thumb and index finger you afflict them with constant, feverish nightmares. The next time they fall asleep, they will be unable to awaken until you yourself sleep.
  3. By pressing your thumb to someone’s throat, you take air from their lungs; this requires you maintain a hold.
  4. You can expectorate or weep as much black ink as saliva or tears.
In exchange for these competencies, Goodnight Moon will accept:
Peace of any kind,
Stargazing spots,

They will also want you to not talk to them. At all. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pluck, Tuck, Tack, Slack, Track

Since you woke up, you woke up into a place alike to a dream.

Every 1D4 is a nexus of interest.
1 - Oddment
2 - Tower
3 - Building
4 - Tower

And the other points of the die indicate surrounding things.
1 - Path
2 - Path
3 - Path
4 - Oddment

Towers have 1D20 Floors.
Buildings have 1D6 Floors.

Each Floor can have the following 1D12 Purposes
1 - Ritual
        1 - Temple 
             1 - Etymol All-Bones
             2 - The Eye That Watches
             3 - UZ
             4 - Lordless Os
        2 - Sacrifice
        3 - Awakening
        4 - Deepening The Dream
2 - Storage 
3 - Empty
4 - Laboratory 
        1 - Astral Observatory
        2 - Chemical Lab
        3 - Cancer Lab
        4 - Surgery Hall
5 - Empty
6 - Legal
7 - Economic
       1 - Vault
       2 - Business Venture
             1 - Single Vendor
             2 - Specialist Artisan
             3 - Dream Druggist
             4 - Body Modifier
             5 - Restaurant
             6 - Other
      3 - Hoard
             1 - Worthless and abandoned.
             2 - Priceless and trapped.
8 - Empty
9 - Residential
10 - Empty
11 - Personal
12 - Empty

Paths can contain 1D8 Places
1 - Courtyard
2 - Bridge
3 - Connecting Wall
4 - Pedestrian Walkway
5 - Garden
6 - Aqueduct or Canal
7 - Alleyway
8 - Statue Garden

Oddments can be 1D10 things
1 - Statue of an Old Idol
2 - Portable Ikon Alcove
3 - Fountain 
        1 - Flowing, waxy marble in a swirling cylindrical pillar in the middle of a bowl-like
        depression. A floral fragrant slime drips regularly into the bowl. It is deadly toxic.
        2 - Pile of cherub-faced worms covered in copper and lead, spitting clear bitter water.
        3 - A bouquet of stone, mostly roses and lilies and orchids. Absolutely dry during the
        day, but overflows into the street at nighttime.
        4 - Honeycombed elongated fingertips like a wasp nest pressed together in prayer or
        reverence. Living wasps swarm around it and melt into water at the end of their lives.
4 - Ankle-twisting Staircase 
     1 - Leading up.
     2 - Leading down.
5 - Unstable Portion of The Dream
6 - Artificial Waterfall
7 - New Manifestation of The Dream
8 - Reflecting Pool
9 - Offering Shrine
10 - Open Space

PEOPLE IN THE DREAM, if they're like people, always cover their faces with something. Flowerpots, bouquets, masks, hats, their hair, their hands. They're sort of inconspicuous and move around without making footsteps or moving their feet, talk without using words, emote without showing their faces.
There are usually three to ten people in any location, passing through one another. Most operate under the approximations of where they are: people on stairs run or breathe heavily even though they make no noise, people in cafes drink pale water from pale cups, people in temples or shrines offer coins that look like faces that you cannot get sufficient grip on. They lack definition unless expected to have definition. Everything looks like bad stop-motion.
Most just ignore you. Some smile at you without smiling.

  1. By holding your mouth shut with an index finger at someone, you take any sustenance they would get by eating. You may only do this to as many people as you have Vim, and it stops when you yourself eat anything.
  2. By burning someone’s hair or nails, you afflict them with a debilitating fever, and deal 1D12 damage per day.
  3. By sticking a pin painlessly through your eyelid into your pupil, you may see through the eyes of the nearest living being for as many turns as you have Charisma. You cannot control what the being does or looks at.
  4. If you break a bone, one person in your direct line-of-sight also breaks that bone; their wound will not heal if yours does. This does not work if there is no comparable body part.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Clack, Stack, Stuck

In addition to skills you have Competencies granted by the weird people you more closely align yourself to. Here are some. It's kind of like magic, kind of like imitating or borrowing power from the people in question.


Mister Pig
  1. By putting your hand over someone's mouth, you steal their voice and can use all the languages they know for as many turns as you have Charisma. This requires you keep your hand on their mouth.
  2. If you silently mouth a sentence at someone within your direct line-of-sight, you force them to speak it aloud. The sentence must be short enough to be said within a single breath, and does not force the speaker to believe what was said.
  3. If you hold your tongue between thumb and forefinger, everyone in a ten-foot range can only speak in glossolalia for as many turns as you have Charisma.
  4. By writing down and erasing a single word in front of someone, they are prevented from saying that word. This relies on the person and writer being able to read the word in question, and can be reversed by writing it again. This can only be done for one word at a time.
In exchange for these competencies, Mister Pig will accept:
Bottled ghosts and salted demons, 
Pages taken from the Library Tower,
Fragments of the old weapon-languages,
New linguistic developments and habits.

He will also send you against the gatekeepers of language, who he deems fascist and unjust.


  1. Extending the fingers together and folding the thumb will act as a sharp knife. There cannot be two knives.
  2. By flicking the tongue against the teeth, or dragging the index finger across a reasonably rough surface, you create incredibly hot sparks. These sparks do not harm you but do start fires.
  3. By snapping your fingers you make the sound of a pistol shot, by whistling you make the sound of a fire.
  4. When you hold your breath the surrounding five square feet of air turns into and generates opaque smoke. This lasts as long as you can hold your breath; when you stop the smoke dissipates immediately.
In exchange, Ex-Corporal Rotte wil accept:
All weapons: physical weapons, social weapons, economic weapons, emotional weapons, informational weapons,
Rumors about the others.

She will also send you to spy, or at least observe, the other people you remain in contact with. This includes your friends.