Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Playing Sweet and Playing Nice

And will continue to be

Pick your name, pick a skill you are good at, pick a way you are very social
You have three DICE POOLS
COMPETENCE DICE, particular skills you’re good at.
OBLIGATION DICE, the progress that comes from the social contract.
PAIN DICE, your ability to process trauma.

You start with 2 Competence Dice, 2 Obligation Dice, and 2 Pain dice.

1-3 are successful rolls, 4-6 are failed
Normal tasks require 2 successes
Challenges require 3 successes
Risks require 4 successes

Always roll starting with Competence; other players may add Obligation, and the same player may add Pain. Count how many dice of each type succeed.
If Competence is highest, you complete your task.
If Obligation is highest, the player that offered dice may take as many dice as they offered for their next roll.
If Pain is highest, one additional Pain die is added.

Also a skill that you alone can do very well under stress.
Also a way in which you get social capital or navigate socially.
        ON PAIN
                Also a way to deal with trauma. If you get 6 Pain dice total, you are incapacitated.

Every five successful rolls, choose an advancement:
Increase Competence Dice by 1 (max 4D6)
Increase Obligation Dice by 1 (max 4D6)

Increase Pain threshold by 1 (max 8)

Because I've been playing a lot of Monsterhearts and really like games where social interactions can be more than just a static roll, and being friends self-reinforces everyone's goals.

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