Saturday, February 15, 2014

On Being Cursed and The Falsely Dead

Most functioning beings are of the mortal coil, and process energy in an attempt to power their bodily cells to preserve that which is called life. Likewise, all nonfunctioning beings have fled that coil, are inert and beget no flow of energy. When these two states are jammed together, a 'curse' is begotten: a persuasion that forces inertia upon something energetic, removes that flow that defines life.

By being fluxuous between the dichotomy of life and death, antithetical to both, a curse is thus nearly the most reprehensible force to be found anywhere.

Those afflicted by said would agree, for they are condemned to an existence of limited, weakened life. And upon their deaths, their bodies retain that imbalance, and continue to function as nearly-mindless false-dead—no matter how many times they are killed afterwards by normal means. Strangely enough, the only proper way to dispose of false-dead is by the efforts of a cursed individual, however weak the latter are—possibly due to their shared imbalances.

Due to its function, a curse requires energy in proportion to that which it takes away, and a place for that energy to go: such as the caster or source of the curse. Curses can be revoked by returning enough energy into a person.

Technical function of a curse
-Halves one's useable Endurance Points.
-Removes a third of one's stat points for every stat.
-Has the character reform as a false-dead of equal level upon death.
-Provides a +3 attack bonus against false-dead.

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