Friday, February 14, 2014

Tidewaters - Possible Systems

Stats and stat blocks for your characters, with minimal explanation.

Endurance Points - The ability to avoid damage. Regenerates at a rate of 1 EP per turn of rest.
Wounds - What damage one can take before death.

Face - Social salience, deftness, showmanship, manipulation, propriety, communication.
Nerves - Composure under stress.
Motion - Movements and control of movements, reflexes, reacting, making things.
Body - The use of one's body to an end, carrying, attacking, brute strength or endurance.
Mind - The use of one's mind to an end, remembering details, figuring puzzles, explaining details.
Luck - The manipulation and play on chance.

Attacking - Weapon value and body modifier adds together.

Armour - Comes in two varieties that add to EP while penalizing Motion rolls.
Light - (+3 EP / -2 Motion)
Heavy - (+5 EP / -3 Motion)

v. Charm - Resisting being compelled. Mind modifier adds to.
v. Poison - Resisting slow toxins and infection. Body modifier adds to.
v. Curse - Resisting debilitating sorceries or oddments. Nerves modifier adds to.

Traits - Modifiers of stats gotten at major events over time.
Skills - Tasks and specific talents of a character. Increases with payment of experience and money.

Gear - Equipment that one carries, usually functional. Degrades over time.
Clothing - Garments that inform on social status and personage.

Resolution mechanics
Task - There is a base value for the task, with a roll lower being failure and a roll higher being success. Circumstantial modifiers can take effect.
Chance - There is a value with different numbers corresponding to different results. The value of a successful Luck roll modifies the roll towards a positive result.
Reaction - Out of a value of ten, the involved individuals roll, with the roll closest to ten being the first reaction. A successful Motion roll adds to the result.

I may just go with Labyrinth Lord rules, if these don't work out.

Concept of garments and EP adapted wholesale from Gameswithothers.

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